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N/A Anchor Text Type

Why Did We Add A N/A Anchor Text Type? 

Whether you have used our app before, or you do all of your anchor text analysis manually you have definitely come across scenarios like this ... 


or something like this ... 

As I'm sure you can tell these Anchor Texts are not anything that was purposefully built, and might even be spam. Now in the past you had a few options on how to handle links like these. 

  • 1
    You Could Leave Them As Unknown
  • 2
    You Could Mark Them As Miscellaneous
  • 3
    You Could Delete Them All Together

Lets talk about number 1 first. Personally I like to use the unknown category to indicate that there is still work to be done, in regards to classifying the anchors. Our algorithim is able to classify most anchors that will come in but there will always be nuance that is going to take a humans touch. So I use the "unknown" classification to indicate to me that I have some anchors that I need to go in and put my expert eye too 🙂

The second option is actually the worst option of the three. If you were to mark all of these as miscellaneous you would be skewing the actual distribution of actual miscellaneous anchors. Miscellaneous anchors should be things like: 

  • Read More
  • Website
  • Article

The third option to delete them all together would be great from a "purest" standpoint of only having valid anchors being analyzed, and google is definitely smart enough to identify these and purge them. The problem with deleting them though is that if we go to update the backlinks to a site next week, or next month, then these same links will be added back in to our backlink profile. 

Enter The N/A Anchor Text Type

That's why we added the N/A Anchor text type. Now you can slap this classification on those pesky links, and be done with them. Our application knows not to use them when generating your link plan, and since they are still in your back link profile when you add new back link files these links won't be re-added since we only add in distinct links.  

Just another way we make your life easier when it comes to anchor text analysis! 

Happy Linking! 

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