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New Features and Algorithim updates

We released some exciting new features this morning, and wanted to fill everyone in!

Here  is a list of what we added:


  • User Defined Link Plan Totals
  • Public Link Plan Report
  • Other Optimizations



In-Depth Explanation:

One of the most asked questions we have received is that people don’t understand why there are negative amounts in the Anchor Text Comparison Section. This happens when your money page is overoptimized in a certain category.


When this happened previously you could artificially increase the number of links that were recommended until you removed all instances of negative anchor text types.

What we changed.

Now instead of us giving you a number of links that was needed which would include both adding and removing of links we have made it so that you can define how many links you want to create based on the data you see in your report, and your own research (eg: competitor average, ahrefs recommendations, etc). Once you enter a total we will calculate which anchor text type you are the most under optimized for. We add that type to your link plan and then we recalculate your anchor text distribution based on the knowledge that you will be adding that link. We then repeat the process over and over until your link plan has reached the amount of “links to build” that you defined. This gives you the ability to define a reasonable amount of links for a link plan instead of having to manipulate a value which is sometimes artificially skewed. *We have seen instances where your link plan would need to be in the thousands in order to get your anchor text ratios perfect, and we all know that creating a link plan in the thousands isn’t something you would start with… you would build say 50 links … watch your rankings and iterate from there.

Here is how we have changed the UI to cater to this new functionality:


Once you have added your keyword and updated your links, and you are on a paid plan you will see this notification that you need up classify all Unknown link types before you can create a Link Plan. This keeps you from creating a link plan that is inaccurate.


Once you have categorized all links you can then create your link plan, with as many links that you like, and we will choose links that move you toward the ideal anchor text distribution ratio.


Once your link plan is created you will have 3 different views you can access.

The first two should be familiar, they are our calendar and timeline views. The calendar view is used to actually schedule and set your anchor text, while the timeline helps you better plan and track which links were created when. The third view is the “Public Link Plan Report”. This is a great report to share with clients, as it shows your plan of action for link building to rank a site, and it also dynamically updates as you mark links as placed.


Here is an example of the new Public Link Plan Report.


As always we are open to your feedback and are hopeful that this will give you more flexibility when creating link plans.



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