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User Defined Link Totals

User Defined Link Total

Based on some feedback from our users we realized that you don't always want to or have the ability to create the amount of links that will match the average of your competitors. There are a couple scenarios where this was coming up. 

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White Label Reporting

New Feature: White Label Reporting

If you have an agency level subscription we have some exciting new news for you! We have recently added the ability for you to upload your agency's logo, so you can send out white label reports to your clients.

This is how it works...

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Link Planning Calendar & Timeline

Building Your Link Plan

Once you have analyzed your competitors, anchor text ratio's now its time to start putting together a link plan. In the past this would either involve a spreadsheet with target dates for link placement or maybe even using different calendars. Well when you are working on multiple sites with multiple keywords this can quickly become a jumbled mess. Thats why we thought it would be the perfect fit for AnchorProfiler to take you from Anchor Text recommendations, to Link Planning...

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How Do I Share A Report

If you would like to share a keyword report with someone, but don't want to give them access to your account, thats not a problem. You can send them a public link which will allow them to view the report, but not update, or see any other data in your account. 

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Adding Links Outside Of An AHREFS File

We all know that people hide links. We do it, and our competitors do it. So its all about working with the information that we have available to us. In order to get the most accurate picture though you want to make sure you add any links you can find, that may have been hidden. This goes for your money site as well as a competitor. 

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