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User Defined Link Totals

User Defined Link Total

Based on some feedback from our users we realized that you don't always want to or have the ability to create the amount of links that will match the average of your competitors. There are a couple scenarios where this was coming up. 


  • When you are just starting out and it will take 100's of links to get to the average
  • When your site already has the most links in the niche, but you would still like to build additional links

In the first scenario, you would have been presented with a suggested anchor type link plan of something like this. 

As you can see the average link total of the competitors is 353 ... quite the linking campaign if you are starting from scratch.

Well now instead of only being able to create a link campaign based on the average, instead you can manually override the amount of links. This allows you to create a link campaign that is modeled off of the ideal anchor text distribution ratio on a scale that you are more comfortable with.

So in this scenario maybe you update the total to 20 links, and start your link plan... once you have finished then you can see where your rankings have ended up, and start a new link plan. 

The second scenario where this will be helpful is if your moneysite page currently has the highest link total in comparison to your competitors. In the past would have shown  you a negative number,along side of the anchor text type.

 This indicated that you were over optimized for that type, and should either remove links of that anchor text type (if you have the ability) , or you should build additional links of other types to help balance the scales.

Since there was no way to update the total amount of links though it was difficult to calculate just how many links of each type you would need.

 Now you can simply update the total amount of links to a number higher then your current total, until you see there are no longer any negative numbers.

 This will give you the ideal anchor text ratio based on your competition, with a higher than average number of links. 

Most of our new features come from direct feedback from our user base, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us via chat, or facebook, and let us know how we are doing and any ideas you might have to make the tool better! 

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