How to create an Campaign

Creating Your First Campaign

Creating your first campaign is quite simple. In the left-hand navigation you will want to expand the Campaign tab, and click on create.


Now you will be asked to enter a campaign name. This campaign name should be unique to all of your other campaigns, and typically it will either be around a site or a category of sites you plan on adding a keyword for. 

Now you will need to add your keyword, as well as moneysite, and competitor site information

First, you will enter the keyword you are targeting 

Next, you will enter your money site information. 

First, you will add the URL you are trying to rank. 

Next, you will want to put in all of the anchor text that should be considered branded anchors. These should be comma separated 
EG: Anchor Profiler,, Adam Zeffer

Last you will need to add the Ahrefs Backlink File for the URL you put in. 

*If you haven’t already make sure you preparing your Ahrefs Backlink File

Repeat this process for the first 3 competitors you want to add, and then click create. 

Once we finish processing your keyword, you will be presented with a report that looks similar to this. 

If our algorithm wasn’t able to identify certain anchor text you will see a count of them in the overview of each of the sites. Follow the instructions on Update Anchor Text Classification to update them to the type you feel is correct.

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