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Link Planning Calendar & Timeline

Building Your Link Plan

Once you have analyzed your competitors, anchor text ratio's now its time to start putting together a link plan. In the past this would either involve a spreadsheet with target dates for link placement or maybe even using different calendars. Well when you are working on multiple sites with multiple keywords this can quickly become a jumbled mess. Thats why we thought it would be the perfect fit for AnchorProfiler to take you from Anchor Text recommendations, to Link Planning...


This is how it works. 

Once you have added your keyword to your campaign, and are on the overview report there will be a button below the anchors needed by type box. 

Clicking this button will kick off a process that will create you a link plan, that has the exact amount of links as the average of your competitors, and each of those links will be assigned the anchor text type that is required for you to reach the ideal competitor  ratio. Once the process has finished you will be redirected to your link calendar. 

Which will look similar to this ... 

There are a few things we want to point out here. 

On the left hand side you will see a few boxes with information. The first of those are what you have entered in for the Brand information for your domain as well as the url for your target page. These are here just as helpers so that you can copy and paste the data in to the links you are scheduling when they are branded or naked anchor types. 

Next you will see a box with the most frequently used partial and exact match anchor text. This allows you to use the recommendations from the overview page as the anchor text for your partial, topical, and exact match anchors you will be adding based on the ratios. 

Next you will see a list of drag & drop elements which represents links you need to build along with the anchor text type that is recommended. 

If there are a significant amount of links to be built then this list will be scrollable... 

Now you can drag your links into your calendar. 


Once you have dropped the link in the calendar, then you will need to click on that link, and set the anchor text you want to use. 

once you have clicked on the link you will be presented with a form where you can update the anchor text to whatever you would like. 

once you have put in your anchor text click save, and the link will now be scheduled for the date you placed it in the calendar. 

You will see the calendar update with the anchor text you just put in ... you can reselect the link, and update it if you need to as well. 

Now we wanted to give you the ability to visualize the flow of your links in a linear fashion. Thats why we created the link plan timeline. You can get to this through the breadcrumbs at the top of the page. 

This is your link plan timeline ... here you can mark a link as placed, so you will no longer receive a reminder that the link is due, as well as delete a link from your plan if you don't deem it necessary to place that link. Remember the ideal ratio is a recommendation, so if you are able to achieve the rankings you want without implementing the entire link plan then GREAT! You just saved some money! 

Thats it! 

We hope this feature better helps you manage your SEO business, as well as saves you time by allowing AnchorProfiler to help you manage your link building strategy. 

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